2017 Meeting & League Dates

Updated Wednesday December 6, 2017 by Tim Murphy.

2018 Meeting and League Information





Jan 1st 2018 Club Affiliations is open (Online Registration)
Feb 1st 2018 Club Affiliations are due.  Fee goes up to $50
Feb 5th CNYJSA Meeting - Twin Tree's North Syracuse 7:00 pm
March 1st Online Registration Starts (All age groups)
March 5th CNYJSA Meeting (Manager Meeting) at CNYFSC 7:00pm
April 3rd CNYJSA Meeting (Coaches Meeting) at CNYFSC 7:00pm


April 20th Online Registration Closes U9-U12 at noon
May 1st 

CNYJSA Meeting (Coaches Meeting at CNYFSC 7:00pm)

May 7th  CNYJSA Spring League starts U9-U12   (8 games)
May 7th Online Registration Closes U13-U15 at noon
May 21st   CNYJSA Spring League starts U13-U15 (8 games)
May 25th Online Registration Closes U16-U18 at noon
June 4th  CNYJSA Spring League starts U16-U18 (6 games)
August 7th CNYJSA Meeting Twin Tree's North Syracuse 7:00 pm
August 1st Fall League Online Registration Opens
August 28thh Fall League Online Registration Closes
September 4th CNYJSA Meeting (Fall Coaches Meeting)
September 8th

Fall League Season Starts

Dec (TBD) Executive Board Meeting (private)