Registration for the 2014 CNYJSA league is now open

U9 - U12 is closed - Final Schedules have been posted 
U13-U15 will close 4/20
U17 - U19 will close 5/11
Please contact Rob Franco with any questions   315-254-7652
For all important league dates please click on the meeting link to the left.  Most important information can be found there.
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Important Tips for Successful Background Check Processing For Risk Management Passes


Club Registrars & related officers,


Please remind your team staff members that you have submitted for risk management to read the photo upload instructions carefully. The photo submitted must be a recent, first person, color, passport style photograph. The risk management staff has had to reject numerous completed records which contain photos of driver's licenses, work IDs, group family photos, year book photos, etc. only to have them re-submitted the same way a second time. If any of your staff have had their submitted record voided recently this is most likely the reason.


The second and less frequent issue involves the arbitrary entry of random dates of birth. DOBs are required before a record can be sent. The club must enter the correct DOB for the submitted staff member prior to submitting them for a background check.  Any other entry will be voided or the background rejected.


Everyone's cooperation is appreciated in keeping the risk management process running smoothly especially at this busy time of year.


The NYSWYSA Risk Management Staff


League Delegates and Representatives MORE YOU ATTEND the General Membership Meetings the more your EARN FOR YOUR CLUB

SEE RULE  101 in Rules & Regs for complete details!!!!!!!!!


NYSWYSA Coaching Course Offerings

March 2014




We would love to teach a course for your club or league.


We need at least 15 students enrolled to hold a course. Please contact me if you want a course! As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to me with questions or if you feel we can help your organization.  We are here to serve our membership in any way we can.


Read on for information on courses currently ...



Chris Hershey, Director of Coaching Education



Upgrade your State D license to a National license

Due to recent changes in the content and delivery of the USSF National D license course, we now will offer 3 different options for you to upgrade:


If you have earned a State D PRIOR to January 1, 2014:

  1. Audit a new D license course in its entirety.  This option is preferable if you are considering taking a C license course at any time in the future.  In this case, you will not have to complete the precourse work, but will have an opportunity to sit through all of the new lectures, practice at least once and then retest the final Sunday with the rest of the group.   Cost $20.00
  2. Audit the Performance Phase of a D license course where you will be able to participate in the entire 2nd weekend of the course.  You will be given a final field topic and tested on the final Sunday with the rest of the registered candidates.  Cost $20.00
  3. Attend a full day at a D license retest event.  This is for candidates who will most likely NOT go on to take a C license.  In this case, candidates will attend a short classroom session and then head to the field to retest by conducting a field session.  Topics will be given ahead of time.   Cost $40.00

Click HERE to register.


National Youth License Now Open for Registration

The NYL is a national licensing course and is available to anyone who is at least 18 years of age and possesses a current USSF D License.  This 6 day course is designed to provide club DOC's, youth coaches, physical education teachers, and soccer administrators with the knowledge to successfully structure soccer environments for children between the ages of 4 and 12.  The course is often regarded as the most beneficial and important of the national-level courses. 


Where:  Webster Soccer Association

When:  August 1-3, and 8-10 2014

Cost:  $590.00 if registered by May 1, 2014.  $650.00 if registered after May 1. 

Enrollment is limited to the first 32 coaches so please do not delay!


Please visit the "Tournaments" section for more
information on the Tourney and how to sign up.


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