All Rosters Must be Submitted to Pat Tooley before your 1st Game!
Spring Season

Teams - It is very important that you know CNYJSA rules and regulations.  The league cannot be sympathetic when rules/policies are broken due to inexperience.

Please make sure you have reviewed all league rules

Once schedules are finalized no changes other than what is allowed by league rules

If you need to forfeit a game you must make verbal contact with league scheduler and the other team.  An online forfeit form must be filled out.  Your team will also be responsible for any penalties or fees.

Even though the date on the Scholarship Application says May 2013, IT IS THE RIGHT APPLICATION and is due by MAY 15th!  Any questions please contact the CNYJSA Treasurer, Joy Tooley.

Upcoming Tournaments
There are two upcoming tournaments to make you aware of:
Northstars 7v7 June 6th and 7th
Salt City International Tournament July 25th and 26th

Please see the tournament page for more info on each!

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